What is a jinbei

When people around the world think of Japanese clothing the most well renowned style is the Kimono, however, there is a much larger range of practical and beautiful pieces called jinbeis (甚平).

It's essentially a wrap style top with shorts. It is flexible in size and easy to wear as it just needs a couple of ties. It is beautiful, comfortable and a timeless symbol of Japanese simplicity.

It is usually used for comfortable everyday use for men and women, boys and girls.


What are the clothes made of?

We take the selection of our fabrics very seriously and ensure they are not only beautiful but 100% natural. 

We love Linen because it is naturally strong, moth resistant and one of the most biodegradable fabrics making it naturally ethical

The Japanese cotton range is called Kurumegasuri sourced from southern Japan. The fabric is made using a traditional hand crafting process with a unique way of weaving and dyeing all crafted in small batches. This wonderfully soft yet durable Japanese cotton is said to become softer and softer with each use.

We have added a new organic cotton range which is certified organic cotton and made in a certified mill.


How do I wash the clothing?

✓ Warm Machine Washable OK!

✓ Warm Iron OK!

✓ Dry Cleanable with Care

✖ Tumble Dry


How long is shipping?

Around 2 weeks. Please check our shipping policy for more details.


Do you have a guarantee?

Yup! You have up to 90 days! We are a small business so would also love to hear your feedback if you have any issues. For more info please check our shipping policy.