What is a jinbei

When people around the world think of Japanese clothing the most well renowned style is the Kimono, however, there is a much larger range of practical and beautiful pieces called jinbeis (甚平).

It's essentially a wrap style top with shorts. It is flexible in size and easy to wear as it just needs a couple of ties. It is beautiful, comfortable and a timeless symbol of Japanese simplicity.

It is usually used for comfortable everyday use for men and women, boys and girls.


What are the clothes made of?

- Linen

Kiji is the Japanese term for material

We take the selection of our fabrics very seriously and ensure they are not only beautiful but 100% natural. 

We use a selection of linens which are ethical.

- Cotton

We supply our cotton from Japan. Our cotton sorcerers in Japan use an ancient and traditional hand crafting process called Kurume Gasuri. It involves a uniquely Japanese way of weaving and dyeing the cotton in small batches.

For this process they use a cotton specifically from Fukuoka prefecture in Southern Japan.

This wonderfully soft yet durable Japanese cotton is said to become softer and softer with each use.


How do I wash the clothing?

✓ Warm Machine Washable OK!

✓ Warm Iron OK!

✓ Dry Cleanable with Care

✖ Tumble Dry


How long is shipping?

Around 2 weeks. Please check our shipping policy for more details.


Do you have a guarantee?

Yup! You have up to 90 days to break our hearts. For more info please check our shipping policy.