About Us

My name is Keishin Hoshiko and I come from a mixed Japanese/English heritage.

I grew up in Brixton, London; a very diverse and eclectic place. Being far from Japan instilled a deep love for traditional Japanese products and their design.

Design was special to me because it was something tangible that could be held on to while I was discovering my cultural identity.

As a child, I used to watch my mother making Kimonos. This is what first sparked my love of sewing She soon taught me the basics which led to my degree in Fashion Design.

As an adult I have often found that I can't access Japanese products easily in the UK. I am also aware that there is a whole world of practical, beautiful traditional Japanese clothing (called Wafuku) which most people don't know about in the west. I wanted to share these loved products with you.

I believe the world is moving in a direction where people want to make a positive impact. Which is why in in my store I take special care to choose fully natural and if possible, organic fabrics and to be conscientious about the choices we make in production and manufacture.

We are putting an emphasis on creating quality & beauty in the live of our customers to inspire you day to day.

Our main fashion-line is a a set called a Jinbei (at the moment just for children), which is comfortable. It's lovely for the home and also for out and about. They are particularly great in the spring/summer seasons.

The dream is to keep expanding and adding new products which we know our customers will love!