From Japan to England. A Perspective on Age and Beauty.

age and beauty

This is an old and simple interview I did with a Japanese Friend in her 60's that has been living in the UK for over 30 years. I wanted to find out her opinion on the cultural differences between Japan and England and her understanding of true beauty...

What was the main reason that you moved to England?

I came England because I wanted to restart a new life in somewhere no one knows me.

What do you think is the biggest cultural difference between Japan and England?

In Japan there is a beauty that people respect/follow parents and elders. But in England children treat their parents like a friend and their is no clear parent-and-child relationship.

What do you love about England?

A lot of English people are kind - they can't leave people who are having troubles. And England has a lot of nature which grows people's heart. So I think England is a nice country.

What do you love about Japan?

Beautiful nature in Japan: Mt. Fuji, Cherry(Sakura)

What makes a person beautiful?

Beautiful heart makes people beautiful. If the heart is beautiful the face will also be beautiful. A real beauty comes from inside.

Do you think there is a difference between a Japanese and English perspective of beauty?

Japan: cute and small, for children
England: adult things

Do you think that you are beautiful? In what way?

Although I'm not internally nor externally beautiful when I feel happy I guess I'm the most beautiful.

Do you think old people are beautiful? Why?

Of course, there are beautiful people. They are not worried about their life and living their life meaningfully.


Do you feel connected to contemporary fashion? Why or why not?

Recent fashions are becoming sexual, and showing their skins too much. Frankly speaking, I can't accept.

What do think about the way beauty is portrayed in the media?

People are trying to investigate external beauty, if they can show their internal beauty and their own unique beauty, I think their beauty will grow.

What do you think is needed in society to know the beauty of ourselves and others?

If you live a Selfish life you won't be able to know other's beauty. What is needed in the society is an attitude to live for the sake of others.